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610 Series Sinks

Why are commercial sinks so expensive? We have absolutely no idea!
Over 31 sizes. Triple, Double or Single Bowls. 700 or 610 deep. 
An insane level of choice. Now With NEW SINK COVERS to fit 610 sinks.
SALE  Up to 18% off shelf prices. 
Limited time only or until stock runs out. No Back orders. Click on the pictures below for more info.

  • Construction: Our sinks are fully stainless steel. The legs are stainless, the bowls are stainless, the screws are stainless. Very sturdy.
  • Bowls: All bowls are 300mm deep and mostly 500mm long by 450mm wide -- some variations.
  • Tap Location: Wherever you like. There is room between the trough and the splashback, through the actual splashback or you can even mount taps from your wall.
  • Splashback: Each sink has a 150mm high x 40mm deep splashback. 

Please ring for advice on picking the best sink or layout your new kitchen. Our job is to help!
Just click on the image to see full details.

610 Series Sinks

Call our team on 6253 6605
Image Code Length (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm) Options

No upgrades available.

SALE Price
(inc GST)
SSN610 665 610 900

DSM610 1000 610 900

SSR610-12 1200 610 900

SSR610 1350 610 900

SSL610 1350 610 900

SSRL610 1800 610 900

DSR610 1900 610 900

DSL610 1900 610 900

DSRL610-20 2000 610 900

DSRL610-24 2400 610 900

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