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Our Fully Modular Cabinet Range now has over 20 Items
Brayco has been suppliying Modular Stainless Cabinets for 13 years.
SALE  Up to 19% off cabinet prices. Sale ends 31st March 2020. Click on the pictures below for more info.

• Fully Assembled Construction. Super Strong Welds. Sturdy Doors. Solid Drawers.
• Economical Versions with No Drawers.
• 2 depths -- 610mm to match flatbenches, or 700mm to match Splashback Benches.
• All cabinets work in well with normal work tables and sinks. Or match cabinets to fill your space.
• Your choice of Castor Wheels or Adjustable Stainless Feet for Different Uses

Need some help planning how you can set up your kitchen with the best combination of cabinets?
Give us a call. We love nutting out a challenging space.

There are no products matching the selection.

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Brayco is located in the Clementi area.

10 Pandan Cresent, AMP Capital Building

Lobby 3 #01-05 Singapore 128466

Open Monday to Friday

Open Monday to Friday 10am – 6pm.

Please call to arrange an appointment if

you would like to visit outside these hours

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